Happy Tears (feat. Kim Greene)

Morris Jones (feat, Kim Greene) - Happy Tears
Juli 30, 2021
Morris Jones (feat. Kim Greene)
Rocky Beach Music
Producer: Peter Kunz
Number of discs: 1

Morris Jones: a music project by german producer Peter Kunz, teamed up with „Kim Greene“ for this song. After crafting away in the studio for a couple of month, he brings you back to a time where shoulder pads, leg warmers and mullets were still in fashion. Inspired by acts like A-ha, Frankie goes to Hollywood, and movies like Back To The Future, The Never Ending Story etc Morris Jones is ready to deliver you a unique soundset of nostalgic 80ies vibes. „Happy Tears“ is a catchy example of what excitement is to come with the following album „Out & About“ in the near future. Hope you dig the vibes!